InShot Video Editor For Windows 7,8,10 – Free Installation With Android Emulator

InShot Video Editor for Windows is one of the best application for editing videos. When it comes to video editing app we can find hundreds and thousands of editing apps. But this app is far better than them. Firstly, it is for Instagram lovers who always want their video and pictures to be perfect and secondly, it can make huge downloads in a short span of time. Other than that the app’s feature makes it worth downloading.


InShot for Windows

InShot – Video Editing Application:

InShort for windowsYou know that Instagram has slowly become a great platform for people to show their talent and earn especially for media personality, bloggers, influencers, photographers, etc. And all of them want their pictures and videos to be perfect. InShot is the app cause it is one of the top editing application for Instagram. This app is not just for fashion bloggers but you can also use it. After all who does not want flawless pictures right?

Not just that you can also make videos and edit pictures with cool effects and transitions. Add emoji and text, also have slow and fast motion and much more. Fun right? to know more about the app let’s talk about its spectacular features.

InShot’s Features:

Well, Inshot has some amazing tools which help you get alluring pictures so let us talk about them:

InShot for windows

All-in-one Video Editor:

  • Pro video trimmer, cutter and video crop app.
  • Video merger (merge multiple clips into one)
  • You can also combine and compress video without losing the quality of the video.
  • Easy to use.
  • Free movie maker.
  • Vertical Pro Vlog maker for Youtuber.
  • You can easily crop video and export it in HD quality.
  • Easy to use Instagram video maker and TikTok editor.
  • Fit your video and picture in any Aspect Ratio.
  • Rotate and flip the video effortlessly.
  • With one click rewind and reverse the video.

Music, Sound Effects & Recorder:

  • You can add your own voice to your video with the help of its recorder.
  • Add InShot featured music.
  • You can also add this music easily in your vlogs.
  • Music fade in and out feature.
  • Adjust volume easily.
  • Extracting music from videos.

Video Effects, Filters & Transitions:

  • InShot has 60+ transition effects such as fade, glitch and light etc.
  • Make an amazing cinematic video by adding 2 transition effects in your video clips.
  • Add movie style filters and effects in your videos like stop motion, retro, RGB etc.
  • Simply adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation etc of the video according to your taste.
  • You can also customize video filters and video effects.

Text & Sticker:

  • 1000+ stickers, add animated stickers and emoji in your videos and pictures.
  • Add text in your video.
  • Different Font styles are available for text.
  • With animation effects, you can effortlessly edit text and stickers.
  • You can also add custom memes and images to make your videos and pics hilarious.

Video Speed Control:

  • Fast and Slow motion feature available.
  • Full-screen movie maker app.
  • You can also adjust video speed with filters and effects.
  • Freeze your special moments.
  • Speed your video or add slow-motion from the range 0.2X to 100X.

InShot for windowsVideo Converter & Photo Slideshow Maker:

  • Easily convert video to MP4 format.
  • Free video cut app.
  • With Photo Slideshow maker you can merge photos to create a slideshow with music.

Ratio & Background:

  • You can easily adjust video in an aspect ratio; for Instagram, it is 1:1, Youtube 16:9 and for TikTok, it is 9:16.
  • You don’t have to crop the video and photos but you can simply add different borders.
  • You can also change the background colour.
  • Video blur editor.

Easy To Share:

  • Custom video export resolution.
  • HD pro video editor (1080P or 4K) and also a professional movie maker.
  • You can share your pictures & videos on all social apps; Instagram, Youtube, IGTV, TikTok etc.
  • Easily share your daily life with others on social media.

Professional Photo Editor & Collage:

  • Contains different stylish collage layout.
  • Colourful background and unique filters.
  • Add cute Frames.
  • Blur background feature available.
  • 1000+ stickers are available.
  • Add funny memes to your photos and videos.
  • Multiple ratios supported.

InShor for windows

Can We Install InShot Video Editor For Windows & MAC?

Yes! the answer is yes we can. I know that we can easily install editors on our smartphones however, some people want to install editors on their laptops or PC. The reason is that for them it is easy to edit photos or videos on their Laptops or computers.

Since there is not a proper setup of InShot for Laptops and Computers so in this forum we will teach you how you can download InShot Video Editor for Windows & MAC from an android emulator. So keep on reading if you really want to download this fantabulous app on your PC or laptop.

What Is An Android Emulator?

For those who don’t know what is an android emulator? let me tell you that an emulator is a third-party software that helps you install mobile apps on your PC and laptops. Down below there are two methods through which you can easily install InShot.



So without giving you any further suspense let’s get to the main topic.

Get InShot Video Editor For Windows & MAC- Free Installation With BlueStacks Emulator:

blusetacks for Windows

  • Firstly, we have to download BlueStacks Emulator click here
  • If you don’t know the method to download BlueStacks, learn it from our website here is the link to download bluestacks for free
  • Now you just have to click on the install button and BlueStack will begin to download.
  • After the setup and all the other process is complete; run BlueStacks on your PC or Laptop.
  • Once all the procedure is finished click on the emulator.
  • A few moments later the emulator will launch on PC.
  • Afterwards, with the help of your Google Account, you can easily Sign-In Google Play Store,
  • Once you have signed in to Play Store; go on the search bar and type InShot Video Editor.
  • It will appear on the screen, click on install.
  • A few moments later the installation process will begin.
  • It will take a while but the app will download.
  • After the app is downloaded you can start using it and edit your videos and pictures effortlessly.

Install InShot Video Editor For Windows & MAC – Free Download Using Nox Player:

Nox Player

  • Go on the official page of Nox Player and download it or click on this link available here
  • After that, click on the install button and Nox Player will begin to download.
  • It will be downloaded but will take time.
  • Once it is installed on your PC or Laptop – run the emulator.
  • Download InShot application on APK Format.
  • After that install InShot APK using Nox Player.
  • The installation will take time-based on the configuration of your PC or Laptop.
  • Afterwards, the app will be downloaded and now start using the app and enjoy!


InShot video editor for windows is your own professional editor at home. Simple to use and has access to all social apps. Furthermore, the features available in the app are the main reason that makes the app effective and worthy to download. So if you are looking for an editor that gives you professional result and is free of cost then InShot is the app for you. After knowing the attributes you should give it a try.

Thank you! that’s it for this blog post.

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