How to Run Marco Polo for Windows, Mac and PC

With the exposure of so many untrustworthy applications which used to be our top used software, it has surely become quite hard to trust another application especially when it comes to messaging and free call services. But today, we are here to tell you that there is finally a social application which safe guards their user’s data and refrain from selling the data for advertisements etc. This amazing and super reliable application is known as Marco Polo.

Is the Marco Polo app for Windows 10 actually safe?

Yes, it sure is. According to many reviewers, they do not get creeped out by advertisements based on their current thoughts, or texts shares etc. The Marco Polo social application has proven to be highly encrypted with user data as safe and secure as ever. Plus the application also comes with almost every single feature which a good worthy application would usually provide. You can enjoy free virtual message sharing, calling, sharing media content with people and more.

Can I use Marco Polo on PC and Mac OS?

The stay in touch application designed by Joya Communications does not offer a web version yet as the application has only recently launched. But worry not! because the Android Emulator software will allow you to download and use Android applications on your device for free and without any lack of user-friendly interface or controls. Furthermore, the software is definitely important to install the Marco Polo app as it is the only way to access the google play store. But we assure you, the process is quite simple and you sure will get around it just as easily. You can learn some more about the application and then we can start installing Marco Polo for PC and Mac OS.

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What more does the amazing app offers

The Marco Polo app for computer and laptop has proven to be the best social application In the store right now. It comes with a highly constructive and easy-to-use client interface. This too along with easy navigation with the help of quick menus, categories, personal customization etc.

  • Virtual Messages

This is the main feature which makes the application so unique that it attracts users in just a single interaction. The Marco Polo offers a video message option which you can use to send your friends messages via a video instead of texting or sending voice notes. This is a cool feature that is not only fun but super convenient for busy people.

  • Cloud Backup

Now is the time to avoid full phone storages or laggy working of the phone due to social apps because Marco Polo offers cloud backup services which makes it ten times easier to store all your data without worrying about storage, privacy and security.

  • Texts and Voice/Video Calls

Besides video messaging, you can also use chat box services, or even enjoy the free and seamless video and voice calls with people from all over the world.

  • Completely Ad-free

The application does not annoy its users with tons of ads that not only making the app work slow but also interrupts conversations.

Some Noteworthy features

  • Super free and no ad buggings at all.
  • Free chats and calls across the world.
  • You can also create groups with your friends and family and enjoy connecting together.
  • users can also add filters, effects and other fun stuff while sending video messages to others.
  • Get Marco Polo’s very own emoji box where you can find all the emojis you need to have the perfect conversations.
  • Easy upgrades and super affordable as well.

Marco Polo for Windows


Process for Installing Marco Polo for Windows 7/8/10

As we have mentioned above, you will need an Android Emulator for installing Macro Polo on MacBook PC and Laptop. For this process, choose a suitable emulator for your device. You can choose between Nox or BlueStacks as both are amazing emulators and the only difference between them is that BlueStacks is heavyweight whereas NoxPlayer is a bit lightweight emulator. The download guides for both emulators are given below.

Download BlueStacks to Install the social app

  • Firstly, open the BlueStacks official website and install the raw file from there. After the file is downloaded open and run it. Now follow the on-screen instructions to install and start the emulator. Following this, configure the BlueStacks Emulator and proceed to download Marco Polo.
  • Now click on the google play store icon on the BlueStacks home page. There search for the Marco Polo app for computer and laptop. Select the social app from the list and install it. Later you can locate the app icon on the Bluestacks home page and launch it from there to use it.

Marco Polo for Windows

Use NoxPlayer to download Marco Polo on Windows, PC and Mac Laptop

  • For this, go to the Nox website and download the raw file to access the Nox installer. Open the file from your browser downloads tab. Now run it to generate the NoxPlayer installer. Install the emulator. After installed, start the emulator and set it up with your Google account. If you don’t have one, you can always create and come back.
  • Now go to the NoxPlayer home page and search for the Macro Polo app. The emulator will direct you to the google play store. Select your app and install it. To launch the app, locate it on the Nox home page or your desktop main screen. Enjoy using your Android application.



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