How to get Google Lens for Windows 10 – PC and Mac

During this time of the pandemic, students are having a tough time keeping up with work and all. This is why Google LLC came up with this cool application called Google Lens for Windows. Now you must be wondering, what is so special about this application. Well, read along as we introduce you to this highly reliable program and how it is also downloadable on your Laptop and computer.

What do we know about Google Lens for Windows?

This is a super cool application that comes in handy whether you’re a student or not. The Google Lens application offers a variety of features that work together to make things easier for us. Plus, it’s also embedded in google chrome for the smartphone but with limited features as the app offers all anyways.

Now let’s get to the point, what is Google Lens for Mac OS basically?

Information One snap away

Do you ever find yourself getting furiously curious about stuff like posters, boards or even places etc. and you just don’t understand where to find more about it??? Then have a look at this Google lens feature that allows you to take the picture of anything you want more information about and click on the search button. In just a few seconds, the authentic information about that particular find is right on your screen. No matter where you are, these features work perfectly.

Copy Text at full speed

Now, you’re in a hurry but there is a certain document you forgot to read about or a certain test you haven’t prepared for. And on top of that, you don’t have space to carry it with yoU!!!. Here is when Google Lens for PC has got your back.

Open the application, point your camera towards the specific paper and click to copy the writing on your phone in virtual document form. Don’t forget, if the handwriting is not neat, the document might not be able to capture all the document writings accurately. Hence, you might have to make a few quick edits.

Translate text

The above feature might be out of the world but WAIT UP, there’s more to blow your mind. The Google Lens app also translated text for you! Be it writing on paper, a board, a leaflet or anything. Just capture the wordings and let the application do its magic.


If you ever catch an eye on a weird animal, thing or place. You can take a picture and Google Lens will identify the object for you within seconds.

Find About things to shop

You’re walking around and this beautiful piece of an object caught your eye but you have no idea where to find one similar. This is when you need Google Lens. Take out your phone, capture a photo and search for the object. The application will automatically search stores where you can find a similar object or maybe ones that are close to matching that specific object.

Scan codes

The amazing Google Lens app for Windows and Mac also scans codes or QR codes for you. These are immediately saved in your device so you can easily use them later.

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How to Install and Use Google Lens for Windows, PC and Mac Laptop

The Google Lens app can be download with an Android Emulator and BlueStacks in particular. BlueStacks is a reliable software well known for allowing users to download Android apps on a computer and laptop without any restrictions.

We recommend the emulator as it is quite popular in the store as well. We are pretty sure you won’t regret downloading it. Follow the steps below to download and install BlueStacks and Google Lens for Windows 7,8,10

Step One: Open the BlueStacks website and download the raw file from there. Next, go to your download and open the file. A .exe extension will appear on your screen, run the file from there.

Step Two: After step one is completed, the BlueStacks installer will appear on your screen. Click on the install button at the bottom.

Step Three: After installation, the BlueStacks starting page will appear. You will see a loading there. Wait until it ends. Once the loading ends, a new page will appear on your screen. There, sign in with your Gmail address and password. Just in case you do not have an account, you can simply create one and come back for configuration.

Step Four: Once the BlueStacks Emulator is configured, you will now have access to the google play store. Open it from the BlueStacks home page and look for Google Lens on the search bar.

Step Five: The google play store will navigate you to a new page with your search result. Open Google Lens and install it.

Step Six: Once the app is installed, you can go to the BlueStacks home page or the desktop main screen. You will find the Google Lens icon on both screens. Click to open the app and enjoy using the app!

Google Lens for Windows

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