How to download Weverse for Windows amd Mac

Weverse app is an extensive platform for windows used for writing and reading. Download Weverse for PC, Mac, and Windows to connect with over 80 million readers and writers on a single page. Now you can post written work such as stories, articles, fan fiction, and poems on this application for public recognition. Most of its community is US-based. Writing can be done through a website or mobile application.


Overview of Weverse

If you have any writing skills or posses reading as a hobby, then Weverse is what you want. It is the largest website covering a vast population. If you are a writer or a reader, Weverse is the best connecting tool. Simply, make an account, and start writing. Similarly, you can read what the others are writing as well.

About the article

Weverse is mostly used on a mobile device by users. In case you need a bigger screen, this article will guide you on how to download it on your PCs. Installation on a bigger screen makes the usage of the tool easier and faster.

Why download Weverse for Windows and Mac

Message broadcast-

In order to have a huge audience, use the broadcast messaging option present in the app. Through this app, you can reach an international audience and share whatever you write. You are just a button press away from your fans. Such as behind every smash hit there is an active and engaged audience.

Art feature-

This feature helps you add visuals to the text. Also, the visuals can make the text more attractive and understandable to the readers. You can share inspirations and a complete sense of a story through art features.

Offline reading-

Now you don’t have to worry about an active internet connection for reading. Weverse is more of an e-book and you can download it for offline reading. It automatically syncs with your contacts.

Fan voting-

Do you know where you stand as a writer? The voting feature will let you know it. The fans rate you on a 1 to 5 scale.


This feature gives you detailed statistics of your writings. You can go to the dashboard and see all the writings and their analytics as well.

Comment notification-

You can simply set the stories on the notification alarm. Through this whenever someone likes or comments on the story, you will get the notification popping up.

Sharing on social media-

Furthermore, after writing a story, you can also share it on your social media accounts. This feature will let you gather more audience to your website.


Through multimedia, you can add the embedded images, gifs, and videos to your text. Like this, you can enhance the beauty of the text by giving a clear picture.

Downloading Weverse for Windows and PC

In order to download any mobile app on a PC, an active emulator is required to act as a platform. Similarly, for Weverse, you need “Bluestacks” first.


 Bluestacks installation method for PC


  1.  Firstly, you need to visit the home page of bluestacks, “” from your search engine.
  2.  Secondly, after reaching the official website, a green icon named “download” will be appearing. Click on the icon.
  3. Thirdly, a small screen will pop up, asking to “make changes in the system”.
  4. “Allow” it. Another page will show up, for an agreement of the installation.
  5. Agree to the agreement by making sure you have a secured and fast internet connection. Also, free up some space in your PC because bluestacks is a heavy software.
  6. Bluestacks will be installed and a shortcut icon will appear on the desktop screen.

Method for enabling play store for windows


  1. After the bluestacks is installed, open the software and click on the “play store” icon.
  2. Sign up through an existing Google account, if not then make a new one.
  3. After completion, the play store will open, like the mobile version.

Downloading Weverse for windows


  1. Open the play store. Subsequently, search for Weverse tool in the “search bar”.
  2. Succeeding, the installation page for Weverse will appear. Click on the “install” icon at the right corner and wait for it.
  3. Wait for the application to install. After a few minutes, an icon will appear on the desktop screen, as well as, in the bluestacks.

Downloading Weverse for windows through NOX


You can also use NOX as an emulator instead of Bluestacks. Unlike Bluestacks, NOX is a lightweight emulator. You need to simply install it from its official website “”. Furthermore, the steps for installation are similar to that of Bluestacks.

Downloading Weverse for windows through apk file

In case you are unable to download Weverse through the play store, another method is to install it through the apk file. For that, you need to download Weverse from the website “apk pure”. After downloading, open the bluestacks and click on the “install apk”  icon. Drag the previously downloaded apk file and it will be installed on your PC in a while.

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