How to Download Phonto for Windows 10

Phonto for Windows 7/8/10 is a simple and user-friendly application designed to help you add texts of different fonts and designs on your photos, posters, edits etc. The text on photos application is designed by youthhr and It can also be used on computers and laptops with the help of third-party software.

Why is Phonto app the best text editor

Phonto is a unique application and preferably better than most because it’s all about text editing. All tools and designs are for text editing only which makes it easier for quick and simple editing. Furthermore, the text editing application comes with a super constructive user interface that allows easy navigation throughout the app. Plus the app also offers multiple tools which help you achieve the perfect end product. Surely, you will also find unlimited fonts to get all sorts of creativity with your edits.

Some Reliable Features of Phonto for Windows

  • You will find more than 200 diverse fonts available on the Phonto app.
  • The app also provides an option where you can browse and install the fonts of your choice if they are not already available on the application.
  • Users can also adjust the size of the text.
  • If you don’t like your edit, you can always reset and make changes without losing the edits you like.
  • The position of the text can also be changed with the rotate option. You can also free rotate the text.
  • The controls are also compatible with all Android versions. Easily swipe, stroke and tap to add edits and filters to your text.
  • You can also add colour to the background of your photos or even add new background.
  • You can also add and blend colours on your text to create cool effects and make your text noticeable.
  • Since the application offers amazing filters for free, you will have to bear the annoying ads. And if you want to get rid of them, you can get the ad-free version from the settings.

Phonto for Windows

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Phonto for Windows

Can we Install Phonto for Windows 7/8/10, PC and Mac OS

If you’re looking for a way to download the amazing Phonto Android application on your computer and laptop then you sure might know that you will need third party software for this as there is no web version for the app nor can you access the google play store without the program. But do not back out because you might think it would be a long process when it surely isn’t. Simply download your preferred Android Emulator. You can also go with the emulator we recommend and that is BlueStacks.

BlueStacks is quite reliable and functional. Plus it comes with many other features that you might find useful when using Android applications on PC and Mac laptop. If your device does not have enough storage and BlueStacks is hard to download then don’t worry, you can use the NoxPlayer Android Emulator instead.

The Nox Player emulator is super light, takes little to no space, is fast speed, works effectively and efficiently, comes with preset controls which are compatible with app interfaces and your device. Other than that, you can also download applications through apk files using NoxPlayer. You can also use the Phonto APK file if you have the APK file downloaded on your MacBook PC and Mac OS.

Here is the BlueStacks guide to Install Phonto for Laptop

The process is quite simple and you can easily download it from our pre-designed guide which is linked here. Or you can simply visit our website and look for the BlueStacks download guide.

  • After the installation of BlueStacks, return to this blog post to install Phonto for Windows 7/8/10/XP and Vista.
  • Now, open the emulator and click on the google play store app.
  • There, search for Phonto text editor.
  • Next, select the application from the list that appears on your screen.
  • A new page will open from where you can easily install and use the Phonto text editing app on your computer and Windows through BlueStacks.

Phonto app for Windows

Download NoxPlayer to Install the Phonto app

To use NoxPlayer for installing your favourite Android apps, follow the steps below.

  • Firstly, open the NoxPlayer website on your PC and MacBook. 
  • Secondly, download the Nox file and open it from the downloads tab.
  • Following this, run the file to generate the Nox installer on your device.
  • The NoxPlayer installer will appear where you have to click on install.
  • After installation, start the emulator and configure it with your Gmail account and password.
  • After configuration, you now have access to the google play store on your computer and laptop.
  • Open the play store and look for the Phonto app.
  • Install it and launch the app from the Nox home page or the desktop main screen.

NoxPlayer for Windows


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