Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Or does work before bedtime wakes your sleepy self wide awake? How about trying the Twilight app for Windows, PC and Mac Laptop. This has to be the smartest and most comforting application available in the google play store. And! you can even download the Twilight app on your computer and laptop to get that extra comfort before your sleep.

Why Install the Twilight app

You will be surprised by the quick sleep you enjoy after installing this amazing application. The Twilight app for MacBook PC comes with a blue light filter which is basically a red screen that enables you to sleep as soon as you lay in your bed. The blue light is proven to decrease sleepiness and whereas the red light relaxes your eyes before bedtime. You can use the blue light filter as your focus assist while using your Android or iOS phone or laptop at night so your sleep won’t be disturbed. Otherwise, you can also use the blue light filter as a night lamp and it will help in relaxing your brain for quick and peaceful sleep.

Normally, if you use your device without a blue light filter, you are most likely to experience sleep that is delayed by literally an hour. Hence, as an option to prevent this irritating delay, you can use a blue light filter that will help you sleep in seconds.


  • Location – to keep track of your sunrise and sunset timings.
  • running apps – this is so you can choose the apps you want to use the filter with.
  • write settings – to set the backlight
  • Network – access smart light (Philips Hue filter)

twilight for windows

Can you download the Twilight app for Windows for free?

An Android Emulator will enable you to download the Twilight app for your Laptop and PC for free. The software will give you access to the google play store and then you install all your favourite Android applications on your PC, Mac and Windows 7/8/10/XP and Vista. Not only this, but the Android Emulator program will also enhance the working of Android applications and enable you to enjoy a glitch free experience with as minimal long loadings as possible.

Download the Twilight app for Windows 10, XP & Vista

As mentioned above, you can start by downloading a suitable Android Emulator for your computer and laptop. We recommend BlueStacks as it has high potential and promising features. However, if your device lacks enough storage then you can also opt for the NoxPlayer Android Emulator as that one is quite reliable as well. Moreover, NoxPlayer is much lighter in weight than BlueStacks. The installation guides for the two emulators are given below.

Install the Twilight app with BlueStacks Android Emulator

  • Firstly, open the BlueStacks official website on your browser. Download and install the emulator from there.
  • After installation, launch BlueStacks on your Laptop and configure it.
  • Now, click on the google play store icon which you will see on the BlueStacks home page.
  • Search for the Twilight app on the play store and install the application. Later, you can find the installed application on the BlueStacks home page or the desktop screen.


Download the Blue Light Filter app with NoxPlayer

As the installation process for Twilight with NoxPlayer is the same as BlueStacks, so If you’re not using the APK method then simply install NoxPlayer and follow the step above. Otherwise, look at the instructions below for the Twilight APK download method.

  • Open the NoxPlayer website on your device and download the emulator from there.
  • Now open google and search for the Twilight APK file.
  • You will see some websites on your screen. Select one and download the APK file.
  • Now, open the installed NoxPlayer Android Emulator.
  • You can either drag and drop the APK file for direct installation.
  • Or, go to the Nox menu bar on the right side and click on the APK installer icon.
  • Select the Twilight APK file from the list and install the app.
  • You will see the installed app’s icon on the Nox home page.

NoxPlayer for Windows

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