Advanced Download Manager For Windows And MAC – How To Download For Free

We always want to download all sort of files from a good and reliable source; for this purpose, we have an internet download manager IDM. But some of us face issues with IDM as well and for that reason, we are looking for IDM’s alternative. If you are one of those people who are looking for IDM’s alternative then fellas! you are at the right place because in this weblog we will tell you about this new tool that is the best alternative for IDM and that is Advanced Download Manager. In this post, we will also teach you how to download Advanced Download Manager for Windows and MAC. So keep on reading the blog!

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What Is Advanced Download Manager (ADM)?

Advanced Download Manager for windows

So ADM is basically for smartphones because it is a download management tool that helps you to download any type or size of the file on your android device just like you download files on your computer or laptop.

Advanced Download Manager has 4.5 reviews with 50M+ downloads. This app is quite easy to use. So let me tell you about this app more in detail and how you can download an advanced download manager for Windows and MAC and most importantly its attributes. So without any further discussion let us talk about ADM; keep on reading the article to know more!

Advanced Download Manager for WindowsIs Advanced Download Manager Available For PC?

YES! it is available for your computer and laptop and you can easily install it and download files on it because of its clean interface. However, before teaching you to download this spectacular tool how about we know its astounding attributes.

So let’s check out the attributes of this remarkable tool!

Advanced Download Manager’s Attributes:

Down below are some amazing attributes of the app:

Powerful Downloader For Android:

  • Download up to five files from the internet, simultaneously
  • Download files in the background and it can resume as well if for some reason it was failed download at first
  • Resuming interrupted downloads
  • Easily download to SD-Card from Android Marshmallow and Android Lollipop
  • It can also load documents, archives, images etc
  • Accelerated downloading by using multithreading up to 16 parts
  • Interception of links from android browsers and clipboard
  • Fast speed of downloading because of its smart algorithm
  • Music and Video downloader
  • Easily support files larger than 2GB
  • Downloading can only happen through Wi-Fi or the internet, it is also a boost downloader for 2G, 3G and 4G networks
  • Parallel download files in queue

Torrent Downloader:

  • Adding torrent and magnet through Editor, clipboard, browser and file explorer
  • The selection of  important files and folders can display through their names, sizes, type etc
  • Filter torrent and seeding is available in the right menu
  • Whereas in the left menu settings option is available where you can find section Torrent with all kinds of options
  • Information about Torrent displays on Properties Windows; Site manager supports profiles for them

Advanced Settings:

  • Interface customization and different themes are also available.
  • You can select folders for downloaded files
  • If the battery is low autostop process is there
  • In different folders, you can easily save your different files
  • To accelerate downloading you can effortlessly create an empty folder
  • Import list of all the important link through a text file on SD-Card
  • Auto resume after any kind of error and break of connection
  • It has Turbo mode to speed up downloading
  • Backup list of all the downloading files are there and also settings option is there
  • Plan to start downloading at the right time
  • Profiles for each type of connection
  • Support quick, auto add download
  • Download size of any file also you can give it beautiful names
  • Automatic operation on schedule

Advanced Download Manager for Windows

Clean Interface:

  • You can find different filters bt types and status
  • Light material design
  • The left menu contains quick options
  • Downloads can simply be sorted by their names, size, type etc
  • For easy management context menu is available
  •  All the information about downloading is available from size to time speed everything
  • Widget on the home screen
  • Fine-turning for each download
  • You can open your downloaded files from your favourite apps
  • Support, pause, resume and restart downloads
  • You can also create advanced profiles for different sites

Extended Notifications:

  • Icon with progress and speed in the notification panel
  • On top of Windows, you will see a transparent progress-bar
  • By the sound and vibration, you will be notified that your download is complete

Built-In ADM Browser:

  • It can support multiple tabs
  • The list of history and bookmarks is present there
  • Files are easily sent to the downloader
  • Advanced media downloader
  • You can download mp3 from popular archives
  • From tubes, you can intercept mp4 videos
  • All types of files can easily be downloaded
  • Download accelerator for social networking
  • User-Agent option for forgery the browser

Media Sniffer:

  • You can download music and videos
  • Download m3u8 and MP-DASH video
  • Convert ts to mp4 after finished

Simple Control For Downloads:

  • To start or stop the process simply click on the download button
  • Open the file installed click on the completed download
  • To display the context menu long press on download button

Add URL Links In ADM:

  • From Window press on link Complete Action Using, select ADM Editor
  • You have to long-press on the link to see the context menu. Afterwards, press Share or Send and from Window you can Share Via ADM Editor
  • After the program is intercept copy the link and then send it to ADM or use Add button and paste the link

Advanced Download Manager for windows

How To Download Advanced Download Manager For Windows & MAC?

To download Advanced Download Manager for Windows and MAC you will need an android emulator. An android emulator is third-party software that helps to download mobile apps on your computer and laptop so you can use the apps without any problem.

In this weblog, there are two methods through which you can easily download Advanced Download Manager for Windows and MAC.

Bluestacks for WindowsInstall Advanced Download Manager For Windows Using BlueStacks:

Firstly go ahead and download bluestacks. However, if you are new and don’t know what BlueStacks is you can learn about it in detail from download bluestacks for windows

After that, you just have to click on the install button and the emulator will download. Run it on your PC or Laptop. Now double-click on BlueStacks; it will launch on desktop. To get access to Play Store; log in with your Google Account. Now you just have to type Advanced Download Manager & Torrent Downloader on it and the app will appear on the screen. Click on it and after a few moments downloading process will begin.

After the installation process of ADM is complete. Double-click on it, it will run and then launch on desktop. Now ADM is ready to be used and you can simply download whatever file you like to download.

Download ADM Using Nox Player:

Nox Player

The first step is to go ahead and download from its official site. Double-click on it Nox Player will launch. Now go on Tab Searcher and type Advanced Download Manager & Torrent Downloader, it will appear on the screen. Simply click on install, downloading will begin. A few moments later ADM will download to your PC or laptop. Click and run it on your PC. Now this time when ADM will launch it will be ready to use.

Start downloading movies, music and any sort of file you want to download and enjoy!


Advanced Download Manager for Windows is the best alternative to IDM that you can get. The app already has amazing reviews and plus it is easy to use and can download all sorts of file. The features the app has is also one of the reasons you should have the app.

I hope the blog post had helped you a lot. Thank you! for reading.

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